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Spending Accounts

Spending Options

You have options on how to spend your money. Open a checkless checking account, buy a pre-paid debit card or participate with parents and get a family card. We have safe options to start learning about spending and managing your money.

Checkless Checking (Demand Account)

Need to get set up for your first paycheck? Want to use a debit card to make purchases at stores or online? Open a Checkless checking account! 

Checkless checking is a great way to ease your way into the world of managing your spending. Because student checking (or demand) accounts don’t allow paper checks, students are saved the hassle of worrying about checks posting in their accounts, bouncing, or even being stolen!  Instead, students get used to spending up to their daily limit while still having the convenience of spending anywhere VISA is accepted.

Take control of your money! Have fun managing your spending through many account services.

This checking account is for ages 14 -18. No paper checks allowed.

  • Only $25.00 minimum balance
  • Free services: Online, Mobile and TXT banking
  • “salmon” VISA Debit Card that can be used at stores and online
  • Direct deposit allows you to have your paycheck automatically deposited into your account.
  • Lower Checkless Checking daily limits to curb over-spending
  • E-statements

To open a Checkless Checking account, stop by the branch. Middle school students can also open accounts at the savings table on school savings day.  Don’t forget to bring 2 approved pieces of ID:

  1. Alaska Personal ID card or Driver’s License, or certified copy of your birth certificate, and
  2. Social Security Card

IMPORTANT: Most transactions attempting to spend funds over the balance in your account will be refused at point of sale; however, It is still possible to overdraw funds.  Some merchants don’t immediately transmit their deposits, so your purchase may not be posted until after you make a later purchase.

Overdraft Option

Students do not have the option to overdraw an account, unless Overdraft Protection is set up between accounts at the credit union.  There is a small fee for automated transfers. There is no fee for transfers you make on your phone or the internet.

  • Overdraft Protection
    If you sign up for Overdraft Protection, funds from your savings account (or from an account of a parent or guardian who has co-signed on your account) will be automatically transferred into your checking account when your checking account funds are depleted.  View the transfer form to set up Overdraft Protection.

Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards are useful for parents and students who want to use account services, but who don’t want to open up accounts.  Pre-paid cards can be helpful for managing spending, taking on trips, or giving as gifts.  There are fees attached with the services involved in using prepaid cards. Some features of pre-paid cards include:

  • Use at ATMs or anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Not connected to accounts
  • Load and reload the cards with money and use them for up to two years

Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Pre-paid debit cards work just like a checking account debit card but without an account attached.  Pre-Paid debit cards are great for student allowance $$ or for sports trips. Pre-paid debit cards are also great for students who want to practice using a debit card but don’t want to worry about overdrawing their accounts. Pre-paid debit cards come with your name embossed on them. Allow two weeks for delivery.


Travel Money Cards
Travel cards are great for storing your money while traveling.  They work just like a PIN-accessed debit card, have a high deposit allowance, and best of all, if the card is stolen, there is no need to worry about connected accounts being corrupted.


Gift Cards
Need a quick and easy way to give a gift?  Buy the gift everyone can use. Tongass Federal Credit Union has plenty of designs to choose from, no PIN to set up, and the card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted for purchases only (no ATM access).


Family CardsCU Money
Are you ready to start teaching your kids about money management? Try the pre-paid debit Family Card! Parents can load funds, monitor spending and teach kids how to use their money wisely with this great new tool. The Family Card is a fun way to set up allowance money each week!

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